Use of the welfare listings

The listing is hierarchal and looks to aid the user by giving a standardised description of what they are observing. Accompanying the descriptors is a definition that should clearly describe the overall welfare or behavioural condition that you wish to note.

For example – Appearance, Entire Coat/Skin, Coat Piloerect - Staring coat, bristling of hairs

Where possible each term will be accompanied by an image to again aid the user in correlating what they are viewing and how other facilities would describe the condition they are observing.

We appreciate that facilities will have a differing level of access to IT solutions. Linked you find an Excel spreadsheet zipped up that incorporates the language of the Mouse Welfare Terms and presents them in such a way as to allow the user to simply gather the relevant information and search against what they are observing. This should be used in conjunction with the main listing to ensure the hierarchal nature of the system and descriptions complement each other.

For facilities that have their own IT solutions advise can be provided on methods of presentation and reporting of the terms within a database environment.

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